Covenant (2017) In Singapore Cinemas

R$33,00 - Humaita (Pará) - 27/06/2017

Browse the most recent Alien: Covenant movie stills, film posters, concept art and trailer screenshots here. Scott shocked us all with the chestburster scene with a few innovative new ways of the aliens exiting their individual hosts not, and he finds a way to crank up the gore in Alien: Covenant. ...

Scary AF 'Rings' Prank Terrifies Clients Shopping For TVs

R$63,00 - Humaita (Rondônia) - 16/06/2017

Fall 2016 will be crowded Paramount Picture's Rings, formerly scheduled for October 28, is bumped to a February 3, 2017 wide-release. It has become a viral sensation on Fb, amassing well over 160 million views and more than 4-million shares, and has created mo-Re influence socially than the highly-p...

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